The novel coronavirus has created unique circumstances throughout the nation. Many teachers are looking for additional apps or online products to share with their students as they practice remote learning, and never before has protecting data privacy been more essential. It is a perfect time to sharpen your skills and knowledge base on how student personal information is used and how to improve privacy protections while leveraging digital learning.

To support teachers in this sometimes daunting task, iKeepSafe is offering our Educator Training Course as a resource. Data Privacy in Education: An iKeepSafe Educator Training Course is a FREE online course featuring engaging videos and content in four lessons:

  1. Introduction to Data Privacy in Education
  2. Reviewing EdTech Products for Data Privacy
  3. Data Privacy for Educational Leaders
  4. Facilitating Educator Data Privacy Training

“All K-12 education stakeholders — including teachers, employees, administrators, and school board members — play a part in protecting student privacy in the digital world,” said iKeepSafe CEO and President Amber Lindsay. “The Training Course is designed to give K12 education stakeholders the tools they need to be aware of privacy concerns and help keep students safe.”

These FREE online courses include all lessons, videos, quizzes, and supplemental resources needed to gain a full understanding of data privacy in education. After each course, a certificate of completion is generated for professional development purposes. All courses are housed on EduPaths, a Canvas-based platform provided by the Michigan Department of Education. (Note: To access the courses, educators need to create a free EduPaths account.)