Data Privacy in Education Training Course - iKeepSafe

Data Privacy in Education, an iKeepSafe Educator Training Course

Data Privacy in Education - an iKeepSafe Educator Training Course

Growing concerns about student data privacy can create hurdles for K12 educators working to expand access to edtech and digital innovations. EduPaths and iKeepSafe partnered to create four courses centered around data privacy in education. These courses provide educators at all levels – teachers, administration, and support staff – with the necessary information to understand their role in keeping student data safe in an increasingly online learning environment. These FREE online courses include all lessons, videos, quizzes, and supplemental resources needed to gain a full understanding of data privacy in education. All courses are housed on EduPaths, a Canvas-based platform.

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iKeepSafe Data Privacy in Education Course #1: Introduction to Data Privacy in Education

Today’s teachers and administrators need to understand how student personal information is used and improve student privacy protections in order to strengthen parent confidence in digital learning. This course will provide an introduction to data privacy in education.

iKeepSafe Data Privacy in Education Course #2: Reviewing EdTech Products for Data Privacy

Student data privacy law requires certain policies and practices for technology products used in educational settings. This course provides a general overview of these requirements, so that you can be aware of what types of protections your school’s educational technology products must have. We will also outline the terms and other concepts you’ll need to know when entering into contracts with technology vendors. 

iKeepSafe Data Privacy in Education Course #3: Data Privacy for Educational Leaders

Digital technology is rapidly changing the way we protect student information in school. This course gives school administrators and school board members the tools they need in order to be aware of privacy concerns, and keep students safe. 

iKeepSafe Data Privacy in Education Course #4: Facilitating Educator Data Privacy Training

This course will help administrators or teachers prepare a Student Data Privacy Professional Development Workshop for their school teams – including teachers, employees, administrators, and school board members. Its purpose is to serve as a kick-off to the iKeepSafe series of training courses; facilitators will discuss key aspects of privacy in education with their school teams, underscoring why it is important that each member of the school team understand how data privacy in education has evolved as well as current privacy and security requirements. 

These materials were developed under a grant awarded by the Michigan Department of Education.
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