There is an ever-growing need for people to fill cybersecurity positions, which means it’s never too early to start learning about these jobs! During the week of October 16th-21st, we are celebrating Cyber Security Career Awareness Week in partnership with NICE, a part of the National Institute of Standards and Technology within the U.S. Department of Commerce. 

Because iKeepSafe recognizes the importance of introducing young children to the cybersecurity career field in a way that is relatable and accessible to their age group, we created an exciting new curriculum, the “Cybersecurity Superstars Curriculum,” based on our beloved “Faux Paw the Techno Cat” series. Over the years, this series has proven to be an age-appropriate way to connect with students in K-4th grade. 

The curriculum consists of four engaging lesson plans designed to help young students learn all about the skills needed for Internet safety, privacy, ethics, and the introduction of cybersecurity jobs that help keep people safe online. These lessons cleverly combine concepts such as safe downloading and uploading, recognizing threats to privacy, and making wise choices while on the internet with actual cybersecurity careers that require these skills. 

The best part? This invaluable curriculum is available for free on our iKeepSafe’s website. Whether you’re a parent, educator, or just someone interested in bolstering their cybersecurity knowledge, you can download this curriculum today and start building a strong foundation in cybersecurity concepts.

Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week is a timely reminder of the critical importance of protecting our digital lives. It’s not only about recognizing threats but also about equipping ourselves and the younger generation with the knowledge and skills needed to stay safe online. Our iKeepSafe “Cybersecurity Superstars Curriculum” is an example of this proactive approach, providing an accessible and free resource to help young students understand the world of cybersecurity and become responsible digital citizens. This week–and all year long–let’s commit to raising cybersecurity career awareness and making the internet a safer place for everyone.