iKeepSafe is pleased to announce our first FERPA badge recipient, the National Student Clearinghouse’s “StudentTracker for High Schools”! Read the press release.

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iKeepSafe – K-12 Curriculum Matrix

This comprehensive matrix provides educators with age appropriate learning activities, discussion guides, vocabulary, and more to teach students about the consequences of exposing their own personal information and why it is important to respect the privacy of others. Download the Matrix today.

iKeepSafe – Incident Response Tool

Sponsored by Samsung, the IRT App provides administrators and educators with the tools and resources to holistically and effectively respond to digital incidents. iKeepSafe created it to increase school confidence and competence during digital incidents while minimizing the risks and impacts to student health and wellbeing. Download the App on the Google Play store today.

iKeepSafe Privacy

iKeepSafe addresses privacy concerns and builds trust with educators, families, vendors and policy leaders through 3 T’s: Technology Assessments, Training and Tools. Learn more about what we offer.

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