June 8, 2020—iKeepSafe is pleased to announce that Storylabs has earned the iKeepSafe FERPA and California Student Data Privacy Certifications. These certifications signify that Storylabs has been proactively and independently assessed by iKeepSafe, an experienced privacy protection organization.

iKeepSafe Privacy Certifications simplify privacy compliance for education technology vendors and make it easy for schools to identify websites, apps, data management platforms, and other technology products that follow various privacy laws governing student data. Products that carry the iKeepSafe badge provide educators and parents with assurance that the product meets iKeepSafe’s standards in the areas of privacy, safety, and security.

Storylabs began as an online laboratory for learning language through story.  It currently offers stories in Spanish, Latin, French and English.  The authors choose Storylabs because it provides a one-stop experience for lessons that pull from a variety of online content and platforms, it provides text-to-speech capabilities in any language, and it protects authors’ work by providing an option where content cannot be copied, pasted or downloaded.  Storylabs is also able to help authors of all subjects and languages publish and deliver their curricula online.

“Storylabs’ student-privacy certification was paid for by donations from parents who wanted to ensure that the curriculum they love, HEART, a New California Sex Ed Curriculum (www.heartcurriculum.com), would make it into their schools,” explained Brooke Stephens, Co-Founder of Storylabs.  “We are proud to help talented, passionate authors of new curricula bring their materials online to classrooms around the world.”

“Schools can feel confident that Storylabs meets iKeepSafe’s high standards of data privacy protection, said iKeepSafe CEO Amber Lindsay. “By earning the iKeepSafe FERPA and California Student Privacy Certifications, Storylabs has clearly shown their dedication to safeguarding student data. 

About Storylabs

Storylabs digitally publishes educational materials for K-12 classrooms.  They focus on delivering all of the elements of a lesson, such as PDFs, interactive games, illustrated listen-and-read stories, forms, and videos, in one trackable interface.  Students aren’t distracted, and parents aren’t frustrated with scattered delivery.  Storylabs magnifies engagement by centralizing lesson delivery.  Visit https://storylabs.online.

About iKeepSafe

The Internet Keep Safe Coalition (iKeepSafe) certifies digital products as compliant with state and federal requirements for handling protected personal information. We help organizations achieve and maintain compliance through product assessments, monthly monitoring, annual training, and assistance with remediation. To view iKeepSafe’s list of assessed products, visit https://ikeepsafe.org/products/.