August 13, 2020—iKeepSafe is pleased to announce that Skodel has earned the iKeepSafe COPPA Safe Harbor, FERPA, and California Student Data Privacy Certifications. These certifications signify that Skodel has been proactively and independently assessed by iKeepSafe, an experienced privacy protection organization.

iKeepSafe Privacy Certifications simplify privacy compliance for education technology vendors and make it easy for schools to identify websites, apps, data management platforms, and other technology products that follow various privacy laws governing student data. Products that carry the iKeepSafe badge provide educators and parents with the assurance that the product meets iKeepSafe’s standards in the areas of privacy, safety, and security.

Skodel has developed ‘Skodel Check-In’, a fast, simple and fun way to see how students are feeling. Backed by leading educators and psychologists, it engages students in their wellbeing through interactive 30 second ‘check-ins’ designed to help them express how they are feeling. As students check-in with Skodel, Skodel’s machine learning engine identifies their state of wellbeing, and provides schools with real-time understanding and evidence based resources to manage the social and emotional development of each child. 

“It is difficult to truly empathise with the challenges our youth face in today’s world. We do, however, know that more and more are having their education disrupted due to mental health. And I believe that in order to address this, we need to unlock their voice and listen as they navigate through this increasingly complex journey of life.” Said Skodel co-founder, Ian Fagan. “With young people communicating a range of emotions on our platform, safety of student information is paramount. We are proud to earn the iKeepSafe certifications and it is a testament to our teams strong commitment to this area.”

“By earning the iKeepSafe COPPA Safe Harbor, FERPA, ATLIS, and California Student Privacy Certifications, Skodel has clearly shown their dedication to safeguarding student data,” said iKeepSafe President Amber Lindsay. “Schools can now feel confident that Skodel meets iKeepSafe’s high standards of data privacy protection.”


Skodel is a technology company that collaborates with leading educators, psychologists and researchers to help school communities manage the social and emotional development of their students. Our trademarked tool ‘Skodel Check-In’ delivers regular and engaging check-ins, empowering students to communicate their wellbeing. Dashboards and reports provide schools and districts with real-time understanding of the state of wellbeing for individual students, classes and whole schools. To learn more about Skodel Check-In, visit


The Internet Keep Safe Coalition (iKeepSafe) certifies digital products as compliant with state and federal requirements for handling protected personal information. We help organizations achieve and maintain compliance through product assessments, monthly monitoring, annual training, and assistance with remediation. To view iKeepSafe’s list of assessed products, visit