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Educators: Help ensure student data privacy and security

As the use of educational technology has rapidly grown, so has the concern for the protection of student data. In response to this concern, a complex landscape of laws and regulations has formed. Educators are uniquely positioned to help improve student data privacy and security by insisting that ed-tech companies be assessed by a third party for compliance with applicable laws.

When it comes to the privacy and security of student data, trusting an ed-tech product’s online privacy policy simply isn’t enough. There can be confusing nuances in policy language, posted policies may not reflect actual practice, and full product functionality may not adequately be reflected. iKeepSafe has developed a privacy certification program to help schools easily identify and use responsible ed-tech products and services. An iKeepSafe product assessment delves much deeper to fully understand a product’s collection, use and protection of student data.

Choosing education technology that has the iKeepSafe Privacy Seal ensures the safety and security of data. To find out if a company or product is certified, go to our products page. To request that a product become certified, add the product’s name to the form below. You may also opt in to receive helpful privacy tips, updates on product certifications, news and upcoming events.

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Ensures a product’s compliance and demonstrates responsible privacy, safety and security practices match up to the standards in the product’s privacy policy.

Product Profile

Product Profile

Allows educators to easily evaluate a product’s privacy, safety and security practices and ensures they are compliant with federal and state privacy laws.



Protects certified ed-tech companies and their client schools for up to $1 Million should a non-compliance issue arise.

Video: Why ed-tech companies should become iKeepSafe Certified

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