January 25, 2022—iKeepSafe announced that it has awarded a FERPA privacy badge to QoreInsights’ Classroom Education Plan®. QoreInsights’ Classroom Education Plan® (CEP®) is the first classroom tool to apply learning engineering through a decision support system to equitably guide teachers to the most impactful evidence-based instructional approach to advance the learning and engagement of their students and track impact on student growth.

iKeepSafe’s FERPA badge is the first independent assessment program for the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. This certification helps educators and parents identify edtech services and tools that protect student data privacy.

“QoreInsights is proud to have earned the iKeepSafe FERPA badge. We take security and safety very seriously, and have and will continue to take measures to protect students and teachers,” said Toni Shub, President and CEO of QoreInsights.

“We congratulate QoreInsights on demonstrating their commitment to privacy by obtaining the iKeepSafe FERPA badge,” said Amber Lindsay, President and CEO of iKeepSafe. “Schools are increasingly relying on independent, third-party reviews of technology companies in order to determine the quality of their privacy and safety practices. They can now feel confident that the Classroom Education Plan® (CEP®) meets iKeepSafe’s standard of quality in this area.”

Products participating in the iKeepSafe FERPA assessment must undergo annual re-evaluation to continue displaying the iKeepSafe FERPA badge. For the evaluation, an independent privacy expert reviewed QoreInsights’ CEP® privacy policy and practices and its data security practices. For more information, visit https://ikeepsafe.org/our-process/.



QoreInsights’ mission is to create a community and platform to foster equitable teaching, learning, and resources for every teacher and student at scale. Teachers do not have the time or resources to identify, analyze, and translate promising pedagogical research into lesson plans to create meaningful gains in their classrooms. With the Classroom Education Plan® (CEP® ), our diverse and multidisciplinary team at QoreInsights has done all this work for elementary teachers, which allows more time for developing quality relationships and fostering deep learning with their students. CEP® is a first-of-its-kind customized professional development system. Instead of applying the latest professional development to every classroom, whether or not that is what each classroom needs, CEP® starts with student needs and then guides teachers to what they need to learn to best meet the needs of their current students. We use learning engineering through a decision support platform, which uses information about high-impact academic and non-academic learning factors, gathered from teachers and students, to match and customize the most impactful, evidence-based instructional methods to each classroom. Our comprehensive program includes teacher engagement tools, a robust community of practice, guided dialog for Professional Learning Communities, and the ability to track impact on student growth. Data supports district and school planning, and provides a simple way to link usage to growth and impact.


The Internet Keep Safe Coalition (iKeepSafe) certifies digital products as compliant with state and federal requirements for handling protected personal information. iKeepSafe helps organizations achieve and maintain compliance through product assessments, monthly monitoring, annual training, and assistance with remediation. Governors, First Spouses, and State Attorneys General from throughout the United States joined with law enforcement agencies, and child safety advocates in the formation of iKeepSafe. It was founded by Jacalyn S. Leavitt, former First Lady of Utah, in 2005. Over the past decade, iKeepSafe has evolved into a leading organization trusted internationally by families, educators, and industry.

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