Novembers 21, 2016 — Aequitas Solutions, Inc. and its Student Information System Q have been awarded the iKeepSafe FERPA and California Privacy badges in recognition of their alignment with iKeepSafe’s best practice guidelines for the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the extensive California and Colorado state privacy laws. The badges signify that Aequitas and Q have been proactively and independently assessed by iKeepSafe, an experienced privacy protection organization.

iKeepSafe Privacy Assessment badges assist schools to easily identify websites, apps, data management platforms, or other technology products that are in compliance with various privacy laws governing student data. Products that carry the iKeepSafe seal provide educators and parents with assurance that the product meets iKeepSafe’s standards in the areas of privacy, safety, and security.

Q is a leading Student Information System that provides a comprehensive suite of modules and functions to manage all aspects of student data and performance for school districts, regional and state level K-12 clients.

“At Aequitas Solutions, Inc. we strive to provide the best Student Information System (SIS) and SIS centric services in the industry. Student data privacy and security is a critically important component of both our company and product success and an important factor in building and keeping our long-term relationships with our clients. Working with iKeepSafe is part of our ongoing commitment to ensure that we meet and exceed the security and privacy requirements of our clients. We are thrilled to be the first SIS vendor to receive the iKeepSafe certification.” John Uhler, CEO

Alan Simpson from iKeepSafe congratulated Aequitas Solutions for earning a FERPA and California State privacy badge. “By completing the rigorous iKeepSafe privacy assessment, Aequitas Solutions has demonstrated their dedication to protecting student data privacy. As the first SIS to earn an iKeepSafe badge, Q has established itself as a leader in this field.”

Products participating in the iKeepSafe assessment program must undergo annual re-evaluation to continue displaying the iKeepSafe badge. For the evaluation, an independent privacy expert reviewed Q, their privacy policy and practices, as well as their data security practices.

For over a decade, iKeepSafe has been a trusted resource for schools and parents looking for balanced information about safe and healthy use of connected technologies.
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About Q

Aequitas Solutions, Inc. is a leader in innovative K-12 student management systems. Its mission is to challenge the K-12 industry by providing next generation student management solutions that push traditional SIS boundaries and to build lasting customer relationships based on openness, honesty, integrity, and a true sense of partnership. Q, it’s highly successful solution managing the information needs of over 1 million students and their parents, is a full-featured student information system (SIS) utilizing innovative tools, and proactive data analysis allowing educators to more fully focus on the individual and constantly changing needs of students. Aequitas Solutions is headquartered in Rancho Cucamonga, CA with regional offices in Alaska, Michigan and Utah.

About iKeepSafe

iKeepSafe is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help youth thrive in the digital environment, by promoting safe and healthy use of technology. They track trends and conduct research to identify youth needs, as well as solicit expert opinions to develop resources and tools that assist parents, educators, and youth.

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