FERPA and CSPC Certifications Demonstrate ManagedMethods Commitment to Student Data Security

Boulder, CO ManagedMethods is pleased to announce its cloud security product is now FERPA and CSPC certified by iKeepSafe. These certifications assure school district IT leaders and administrators that they can rely on ManagedMethods to keep their sensitive data secure.

Data collected by educational institutions is subject to strict regulations under FERPA, COPPA, state laws, and local policies. As technology becomes an increasing presence in K12 schools, finding the right solutions and partners that help districts remain compliant is a difficult task.

iKeepSafe helps school administrators navigate these decisions by putting vendors through a rigorous review process, then certifying that they meet these high standards to keep school information infrastructures secure and help keep student data safe.

“By earning the iKeepSafe FERPA, and California Student Privacy Certifications, ManagedMethods has clearly shown their dedication to safeguarding student data,” said iKeepSafe President Holly Hawkins. “Schools can feel confident that ManagedMethods meets iKeepSafe’s high standards of data privacy protection.”

ManagedMethods works with over 85 K12 schools and districts across the United States. Information Technology leaders in these districts gain critical visibility and control over their Google for Education and Microsoft Office 365 accounts. ManagedMethods helps school districts secure sensitive data from internal leaks and malware attacks, control account access and activity, and monitor content for suggestions of explicit content and self-harm or violence.

ManagedMethods is active in the K12 industry through key partnerships, event sponsorships, and membership in the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC). The iKeepSafe certifications further demonstrate the company’s commitment to the K12 industry, and the product’s strength in data security.

“We’re thrilled that ManagedMethods is now FERPA and CSPC certified by iKeepSafe,” says David Waugh, VP of Sales and Marketing at ManagedMethods. “When I talk with K12 IT leaders, I hear a lot of frustration just in the shear scope of tools available for schools and districts today. Many of these tools don’t take student information security seriously, and that has caused serious problems. Going through the iKeepSafe process was a great learning experience for us as a company. We’re excited to be able to continue our mission to help make cloud technology more secure and accessible for the K12 market.”

About ManagedMethods

ManagedMethods makes cloud security easy for IT managers of K12 school districts, local governments, and mid-market companies. The platform provides visibility and control over activity in an organizations cloud applications, such as Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365.

With ManagedMethods, organizations gain data security from internal and external breaches, threat protection from malware and phishing schemes, and full control over account behavior. ManagedMethods is easy to use, affordable, and requires no special training for administrators. Best of all, it has no impact on network performance or end users.

About iKeepSafe

iKeepSafe certifies technology used by children and in educational settings with qualified experts. We help vendors meet the complicated and demanding standards of compliance required by federal and state laws, so they can sell their technology with full confidence and protection. iKeepSafe is driven to improve transparency around student data privacy.