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To educators, a low privacy policy score can mean your product doesn’t meet data privacy regulations. This means your product might not get used by your target market – schools, students, children. iKeepSafe can guarantee your product is compliant with privacy laws through our certification process. Schedule a consultation with us today to get certified and raise your ratings.

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Get your edtech product iKeepSafe Certified to ensure compliance with complex student data privacy laws.

Product Profile

Product Profile

Communicate your compliance once, not every time you negotiate a sale, with the iKeepSafe product profile.



Protect your company up to $1 Million with the iKeepSafe Guarantee covering non-compliance.

What does a low privacy rating mean?

If your edtech product did not receive the highest rating by Education Framework or Common Sense Media, it indicates that your Privacy Policy may be noncompliant with US data privacy laws and regulations. Schools rely on these scores as an initial indicator that a technology product such as an app or website is safe and compliant with laws protecting student data.

How do you raise your privacy rating?

iKeepSafe, a trusted partner of Education Frameworks, and FTC designated Safe Harbor organization, can help you become compliant with federal and state data privacy laws and regulations such as FERPA, COPPA, SOPIPA (California), and now Colorado’s new Student Data Transparency and Security Act. We provide quick, simple and affordable Data Privacy Certifications ensure compliance, giving educators, parents, and your company peace of mind.

iKeepSafe Certification makes sure your product gets the highest ratings:

  • We review your full product, all privacy policies, functions, and security measures
  • We check against federal and state laws, identify areas of non-alignment, provide guidance until you’re in complete compliance
  • We include annual training on data privacy compliance
  • We provide marketing materials such as a Product Profile page on our website
  • We ensure our work with up to $1 Million if a noncompliance issue should arise

Make sure your product is 100% compliant and highly rated. Contact us today.

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