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Education Technology Product Third Party Assessment Request Email Template for Educators

Third Party Assessment Request Email Template

Educators: Use this handy email template to send to technology companies requesting that they earn third party data privacy certification of their product. Just copy and paste into your email and insert your school’s information:

Dear __________,
I’m writing on behalf of many teachers and students in my district who would love to use __________. As a school in __________ State we must comply with our state and federal student data privacy regulations such as FERPA and COPPA. In order ensure that your products comply with theses laws and regulations, we would like to request that you receive a third party assessment such as an iKeepSafe Data Privacy Certification. You can find more information on their certification process hereThat way, all of our educators and students can benefit from your great product while having peace of mind that their data is protected. 


COPPA Safe Harbor California Student Privacy Certified ATLIS Certified
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