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Cyberbullying prevention & intervention programs


Be Positive.  Build resiliency. Encourage not intimidate.

iKeepSafe’s digital citizenship resources empower students to use technology showing respect for othersand benefiting relationships.  As youth “are prepared” to respond appropriately to a variety of situations and challenges, the positive power of technology is achieved.

  • Faux Paw the Techno Cat®tackles online safety and cyberbullying through child-friendly books, adult-led guided discussions and animated DVDs.
  • Be Kind Onlinebuilds strong, inclusive communities in schools and online through youth led resources and campaign efforts. Developed in partnership with Beyond Differences, this program aims to end social isolation and make schools more inclusive. It works directly with students in middle schools and high schools to promote inclusion and kindness.
  • K-12 Relationships Curriculum Matrixsupplies age-appropriate learning activities for teachers guiding students in fostering healthy online (and consequently offline) relationships.
  • iKeepSafe Incident Response Toolguides administrators in schools through the appropriate resolution of cyber incidents. (Available online and as a mobile application.)
  • Articles on CyberbullyingiKeepSafe’s website provides a host of research, parent tips, and valuable insights to empower youth know how to navigate today’s 21st century environment. 
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