October 1, 2019 — iKeepSafe announced that it has awarded a FERPA privacy badge to Caduceus International Publishing Inc., a leading provider of e-textbook and online interactive health science curriculum to hundreds of colleges and universities across the country.

iKeepSafe’s FERPA badge is the first independent assessment program for the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. The program seeks to help educators and parents identify edtech services and tools that protect student data privacy.

“Since 2003, Caduceus has been delivering innovative health science curriculum to students while safeguarding their privacy,” Said Ryan Fagerberg, President of Caduceus International Publishing. “We are proud to be FERPA compliant and now fully recognized by iKeepsafe for our continued commitment to users’ privacy.”

“We congratulate Caduceus International Publishing Inc on demonstrating their commitment to privacy by obtaining the iKeepSafe FERPA badge,” said Amber Lindsay, Vice President of iKeepSafe. “Schools are increasingly relying on independent, third party reviews of technology companies in order to determine the quality of their privacy and safety practices. They can now feel confident that Caduceus International Publishing Inc meets iKeepSafe’s standard of quality in this area.”

Products participating in the iKeepSafe FERPA assessment must undergo annual re-evaluation to continue displaying the iKeepSafe FERPA badge. For the evaluation, an independent privacy expert reviewed Caduceus International Publishing Inc, its privacy policy and practices, as well as its data security practices. For more information, visit iKeepSafe.org/participating-companies.



Caduceus International Publishing Inc. designs and markets innovative e-textbook course materials to universities, professional schools, and health science centers worldwide. Our award winning, cost-effective materials are used to:

Maximize comprehension and long-term retention.
Improve language skills.
Increase communication efficiencies between professionals.
All of this leads to improved health outcomes. We deliver customized meaningful content empowering learning for future health professionals!

We also offer Caduceus Proctoring service, a complete solution for online exam proctoring.


The Internet Keep Safe Coalition (iKeepSafe) certifies digital products as compliant with state and federal requirements for handling protected personal information. We help organizations achieve and maintain compliance through product assessments, monthly monitoring, annual training, and assistance with remediation.

Governors, First Spouses, and State Attorneys General from throughout the United States joined with law enforcement agencies, and child safety advocates in the formation of the Internet Keep Safe Coalition (iKeepSafe) a national effort promoting the safe and healthy use of technology. iKeepSafe was founded by Jacalyn S. Leavitt, former First Lady of Utah, in 2005. Over the past decade, iKeepSafe has evolved into a leading organization trusted internationally by families, educators, and industry.