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ED-TECH COMPANIES: 3 Benefits To Data Privacy Certification

US Federal and state laws require stringent due diligence from technology vendors. Enforcement of privacy laws is increasing. Some states even require educators to only purchase education technology products whose vendors have signed a contract of compliance.

Can you guarantee your ed-tech tool complies with federal and state data privacy laws? Recently published research suggests that most ed-tech products evaluated are not in complete compliance with laws such as FERPA and COPPA.

Benefits to Data Privacy Certification:

1. Data Privacy Certification by a trusted third-party guarantees your product is compliant.

As an ed-tech vendor, you likely have a posted terms and conditions and privacy policy statement. School IT Directors want products that are 100% compliant. A trusted third-party certification assessment identifies discrepancies and holes; they can be corrected—then compliance is guaranteed.

2. Data Privacy Certification demonstrates transparency of student data practices.

iKeepSafe works closely with ed-tech teams to create and distribute a Product Profile. It summarizes and communicates a product is 100% compliant. A Product Profile is displayed on iKeepSafe’s website on a sortable page—allowing School IT Directors to “pre-screen” for certified products.

3. Data Privacy Certification builds confidence and trust. It simplifies the purchasing process for schools.

For teachers and IT administrators, time is at a premium. They need quick, solid ways to know your product is compliant with laws for privacy and security.

“iKeepSafe took the time to understand our product and audience, and they listened to my thoughts and concerns.We had numerous discussions about student access. They examined the site from all user perspectives, made recommendations to enhance child safety which we quickly implemented, and answered all of my questions. Their guidance was personal and uncomplicated. Buncee wears the COPPA badge proudly, and we are very honored to be working with iKeepSafe to ensure that our students’ privacy is protected.” -Claire Cucci, COO, Buncee

Working with iKeepSafe:

IKS’s Data Privacy Certification badge allows vendors to prove ongoing compliance. This badge on your website or product assures schools that you fully safeguard student data. As a designated COPPA Safe Harbor non-profit organization, IKS has worked with technology companies, educators and parents since 2005. For information on privacy laws, go to

Contact iKeepSafe about Data Privacy Certification by emailing or calling 540-385-9862.

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