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VoiceThread is an online communication platform that helps people collaborate and communicate better online by allowing audio-visual conversations about digital media to take place asynchronously.  For over a decade it’s been used by kindergarteners, medical and law school students, and professionals in a broad array of fields, and they continue to use it in an amazingly diverse number of ways. In every case, whether young or old, expert or novice, they’re developing and honing communications and critical thinking skills that are critical to a happy and fulfilled life.

People use the platform via mobile Apps or the VoiceThread Website to upload media (images, videos, presentations, and documents) and then make comments on the media using voice, video, and text comments. No matter which method they use, their work will sync across all the other apps that use the platform. There’s no need to worry about losing your work because it’s all stored in VoiceThread’s cloud infrastructure which has highly redundant backup infrastructure.

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COPPA Safe Harbor California Student Privacy Certified ATLIS Certified
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