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CloudEvents (Hackathons) is a one-stop-shop for running online complex Hackathons with fully manageable lab environments. CloudEvents (Hackathon) supports Azure, AWS, and GCP allowing the host to choose the desired cloud platform. CloudEvents (Hackathons) eliminate the stress of managing complex hackathons and comfortably host them without having to worry about the intricate setups, thereby offering seamless collaboration for participants, organizers & proctors / instructors using pre-defined groups. Designated mentors or coaches can easily monitor, provide resolution, and arrange problem-solving exercises for the group attendees. Breakout sessions with Microsoft Tools take an interactive approach on how collaboration is done. The platform allows users to discuss ideas, resolve queries, or host lectures that create interest. CloudEvents (Hackathons) allows users to Connect to attendees’ Virtual machines in seconds using CloudShadow feature & perform real-time monitoring and resolve queries. Get Proof of concept to understand how effective the Hackathon was for effective skill validation.

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