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Microsoft Sponsors iKeepSafe’s Generation Safe™ Program

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International Bullying Prevention Association’s 7th Annual Conference
Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing Director of Communications and Marketing, Jacqueline Beauchere, spoke today about the company’s sponsorship of iKeepSafe’s new product, Generation Safe . Ms. Beauchere made these comments at the International Bullying Prevention Association’s 7th Annual Conference being held in Seattle, Washington November 15-17.
iKeepSafe President Marsali Hancock and Charles Leitch, a legal expert in this field, also participated with Ms. Beauchere in an Internet safety panel. 
“Generation Safe provides schools with the skills and resources needed to help students and staff feel more connected and protected in the school community,” Ms. Hancock said. “Microsoft is deeply committed to the prevention of cyberbullying, and we are thrilled to have their support in this educational endeavor.”
iKeepSafe Generation Safe tools were created to help schools navigate the digital environment and integrate technology into existing whole school initiatives. Because experiences online affect school climate, Generation Safe prevention and professional development training teach schools how to build a network of support for all stakeholders—teachers, administrators, school counselors, network administrators, technology and media specialists, public health and medical professionals (e.g., school nurse), law enforcement, parents and students.  Generation Safe promotes prevention, detection, bystander awareness, intervention and reporting of digital incidents. 
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