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BEaPROTM Facebook and Android app, first of its kind, measures parents’ savvy in the six areas of known online safety risks affecting their children

ARLINGTON, VA—October 30, 2013—iKeepSafe today announces the launch of its iKeepSafe BEaPROTM Parent online safety app. Available on Facebook and Android, the app measures parents’ behaviors and attitudes surrounding online safety risks experienced by K-12th-grade children.

iKeepSafe BEaPRO™ framework identifies the known — rather than perceived — online risks for K-12 youth. The nonprofit created this sophisticated approach by conducting an extensive literature review, gathering insight from nationally recognized advisory board members and by partnering with child-welfare experts at the Center on Media and Child Health at Boston Children’s Hospital.

The iKeepSafe BEaPROTM Parent digital citizenship and wellness app educates and empowers adults to protect their kids across all connected devices:

First, the app assesses users’ households, highlighting where gaps in technology behaviors and attitudes exist.

Next, it offers expert online safety advice and resources that are tailored to address each parent’s specific situation.

Finally, the app teaches parents how to pass this education down to their children to improve overall technology health and safety for the family.

iKeepSafe President Marsali Hancock says, “When it comes to their children’s online safety, moms and dads often don’t know what they need to know, and they don’t know where to look for answers.” Hancock continues, “The iKeepSafe BEaPRO™ digital citizenship and wellness app answers parents’ questions and gives them successive benchmarks that lead them to online health and safety success.”

“When it comes to providing a safe online environment for families, knowledge is power,” says Marne Levine, VP of Global Public Policy at Facebook. “We’re pleased to partner with iKeepSafe to offer resources, like the BEaPRO app, that are tailored to parents’ varying understanding and use of social media services like Facebook.”

“As parents look for information about keeping kids safe online, they need tools that are made for the devices that they use, particularly mobile devices,” says Andrea Brands, Director of Consumer Safety and Education at AT&T.  “Apps like this reach parents where they are and can help everyone to teach children about responsible technology usage.”

Facebook supported the creation of the BEaPROTM Parent app for its platform, available here: https://www.facebook.com/iKeepSafe/app_535376393170839.

Google supported the BEaPROTM Parent app for Android in English and Spanish, and parents can download the app from the Google Play store here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.citronstudio.ikeepsafe&hl=en. The Spanish version of parent survey will be available before the end of 2013.



About iKeepSafe

The Internet Keep Safe Coalition is focused on the human side of technology. It is a broad partnership of governors and first spouses, attorneys general, public health and educational professionals, law enforcement and industry leaders working together for the health and safety of youth online. iKeepSafe uses these unique partnerships to disseminate safety resources to families worldwide, including pilot programs launched in China, India, Australia and a program in Egypt in partnership with the Cyber Peace Initiative (CPI). The coalition provides innovative resources including parent tutorials and age-appropriate educational resources. Available programs include the Faux Paw the Techno Cat® Internet safety series of books and animated films for children; iKeepCurrent News Feed; and Generation Safe™, a Digital Media Mentor program designed to help schools navigate the digital environment while protecting them from liability.


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