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New EU Survey Shows Parents Make Biggest Difference

A recent EU Kids Online Survey found that parents who actively mediate their child’s internet use lower risk and, most importantly, lower harm.

Active mediation of use means:
•    Parents talk to their child about the internet,
•    Stay nearby or sit with them while they go online,
•    Encourage them to explore the internet, and
•    Share online activities with them.

The survey’s findings indicate that these behaviors tend to reduce children’s exposure to online risks without reducing online opportunities. They also reduce young children’s (9-12 years) reports of being upset when they encounter online risks.

The survey was offered online to 25,142 9-16 year olds in 25 countries.

The clear message is that active parenting makes the biggest difference in children having positive online experiences.  Additionally, schools should work to address challenging online topics such as: healthy tech choices, balancing digital usage, and building a positive online reputation.

To learn more about creating a strong network of support to encourage students to be safe, ethical, and responsible online, visit generationsafe.ikeepsafe.org.

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