iKeepSafe Parent Toolkit

Our children love technology, but they need the wisdom and experience that parents can offer. This toolkit summarizes the best resources and tips to help you engage. Research shows that parents’ involvement makes a difference!


KEEP CURRENT with the technology your child uses. You don’t have to be an expert, but a little understanding goes a long way towards keeping your child safe online.
KEEP COMMUNICATING with your child about everything they experience on the internet. Know their lingo, and ask when you don’t understand something. Work to keep the lines of communication open.
KEEP CHECKING your child’s internet activity. Know where they go online. Let them know that you’ll keep checking because you want them to understand that the internet is a public forum and never truly private, and everything they do online contributes to their digital reputation. Help them develop an online reputation that is an asset rather than a liability.

Parents’ Guide to FacebookDesigned to teach parents how to help their teens strengthen their privacy and safety on Facebook.

The guide features important topics such as: how to parent Facebook users, managing reputation in the digital age, actual risks in social media, managing your privacy on Facebook, reporting problems, and more.

iKeepCurrent: iKeepCurrent is constant source of headline-inspired curricula and professional development mixed with fresh, entertaining content to ignite discussion between educators and students. It includes valuable parent tips.

Project Pro Campaign with Parent Videos: Created in partnership by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA), AT&T, and iKeepSafe, Project PRO (Privacy and Reputation Online) is an interactive program promoting the importance of security and reputation to children nationwide. Additionally, it offers unique parent videos in both Spanish and English.

iKeepSafe Parent Website: This section of the iKeepSafe website helps parents be knowledgeable and aware of information and additional resources to help their children become good digital citizens. If offers numerous links to additional tools for teaching children about online behavior, and also to protect children. Click on the parent tab (on the left hand side of this page) to check it out.

Faux Paw Children’s Book Series: Faux Paw, the Websurfing Techno Cat, captivates the attention of children and teaches them about the safe and responsible use of technology. Expert child psychologists, educators, and law enforcement have collaborated together to create this series of books, animated DVDs, and CDs especially for the benefit of your children.

BEaPRO Campaign and AppThe BEaPRO acronym can be a helpful guide to parents. The BEaPRO App will help parents identify their digital citizenship strengths and weaknesses and is planned to be launched September 2013. It addresses what research and leading experts identify as the genuine risks youth face online. Developed by iKeepSafe, “BEaPRO” represents the 6 pillars of online citizenship:

Balance: Balancing Digital Usage
Ethics: Practicing Ethical Digital Usage
Privacy: Protecting Personal Information
Relationships: Maintaining Healthy & Safe Relationships
Reputation: Building a Positive Reputation
Online Security: Achieving Digital Security

Google Digital Literacy Tour Content: Digital Literacy Tour workshops–available in English, Spanish, and Arabic–are interactive discussions helping students learn, through hands-on scenario activities, how to steer clear of cyber tricks and be responsible digital citizens. Each workshop contains a resource booklet for both educators and students that can be downloaded in PDF form, presentations to accompany the lesson and animated videos to help frame the conversation.

iDefend: Identity Protection Tool: An identity protection service that offers safety in seven key areas from identity theft and cyber criminals. iDefend gives you WHOLE identity protection for your family with all the essentials for protecting personal information and privacy in the digital age.

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