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Administrators and teachers are urgently looking for a proven system that will guide them through the complexities of Web 2.0. Too often, events like cyberbullying, sexting, plagiarizing and hacking push litigious chaos into the forefront of technology adoption, essentially stunting the development of digital citizenship progress. In response to this real and palpable need, iKeepSafe offers you these resources:

    Dive Into Data Privacy and Security

    The e-Safety Committee Privacy Lead Objectives Guide: sequences three steps that the privacy leader of an educational agency must take to properly protect student information. These are to educate staff, evaluate current privacy practices, and ensure the use of certified products.
    Student Protected Information Table for Educators: is a quick reference chart for educators and school administrators to verify which pieces of student information are protected by which privacy laws, aligning them side-by-side for easy comparison. (The state laws listed are those of California).
    Top 10 Privacy Hacks for Educators: Walks through 10 likely scenarios where privacy needs to be considered. It focuses on the key questions that educators need to ask in order to protect students’ privacy, and presents a variety of legal mandates and exceptions that come into play at the state and federal levels.
    FERPA 101: Introduces basic issues of FERPA and privacy, and helps elementary and middle school educators consider ways to build parent confidence about education technology and protections for personal information of young students.
    COPPA 101: Summarizes basic issues of COPPA and privacy, and helps elementary and middle school educators consider ways to build parent confidence about education technology and protections for personal information of young students.
    iKeepSafe Privacy K-12 Curriculum Matrix : Outlines age appropriate ways to teach students about the consequences of exposing their own personal information and why they should respect the privacy of others.
    Digital Compliance and Student Privacy: A Roadmap for Schools: Provides steps to implementing privacy and security compliance programs.
    iKeepSafe Privacy: Builds confidence around how technology companies are handling student data.
    Data Privacy and Schools: Outlining the Conversation: Examines challenges related to managing data privacy and security in schools.
    General Overview and Positioning Paper: iKeepSafe and Data Security: Discusses security protections for data collected by educational institutions.

    Brush Up on Hot Topics

    Cyberbalance in a Digital Culture: Explores new findings on how cyberbalance impacts day-to-day life.
    Quick Tip Videos: Answers educators’ most pressing digital citizenship, security, and ethical questions in three-minutes or less.

Today, more kids 2-5 years old are able to operate a smartphone than tie their shoes, play basic computer games than ride a bike, and open a web browser than swim unaided. Teach your students the foundational skills they need to stay safe online with these age-appropriate resources:

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    Copyright and Creativity for Ethical Digital Citizens

    K-6 lessons with video and infographic teach essential digital citizenship concepts of copyright, fair use, and public domain and integrate these skills into the course of the regular curriculum already mandated by your state.

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    Faux Paw the Techno Cat

    Faux Paw, the Websurfing Techno Cat, will captivate the attention of your students and teach them about the safe and responsible use of technology. Expert child psychologists, educators, and law enforcement have collaborated together to create this series of books and animated DVDs.

As an educator in the 21st century, your guidance is critical for students to navigate through the intricacies of new media and cybersafety successfully. To help you teach your students to safely and ethically use their digital devices in the classroom–and throughout their communities–iKeepSafe has created the following programs:

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    BEaPRO™ Mobile Workshops

    Award-winning workshops centered on the six BEaPRO™ pillars of success for online digital citizenship: Balance, Ethics, Privacy, Relationships, Reputation and Online security.

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    Digital Literacy Curriculum

    Created in partnership with Google, these lessons cover essential topics: Become an Online Sleuth, Manage Your Digital Reputation, and Identify Tricks and Scams.

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    iHealth Curriculum

    Teaches students how to make healthy choices with digital media. Created to inspire students to be free of addiction.

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