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Hacking Passwords May Be a Crime

“Everyone’s eager to hack the Facebook account of others,” stated an online article last week.  “Here is the simplest method using a phishing webpage…”

Increasingly, teens today are discovering and abusing their friends’ passwords. This week’s iKeepCurrent curriculum discusses the ethical and legal issues connected to password abuse and encourages students to be socially responsible.  The curriculum is based on a current news article, How to Hack Facebook Account Using Phishing Webpage and leverages an October article, Identity Theft and “Receiving” a Password.

A few key concepts underscored in the curriculum include:
•    Passwords are private; you should never attempt to discover or use anyone’s password.
•    Using someone else’s account or pretending to be someone else online is unethical and in some states carries  criminal penalties.
•    If you do discover someone’s password, inform them so that they can change their password.
•    Most students are respectful of others and understand that other’s online accounts are not theirs to tamper with.

Read the full article and be sure to sign up for iKeepCurrent today.

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