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Study Reinforces Recommended Two Hour Electronic Media Limit: Especially for Adolescent Girls

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MoreTime Online = Less Physical Activity and Less CardioRespiratory Fitness

437 white and African-American girls were surveyed from grades 9-12. Those who spent more than two hours total watching television, playing video games, or engaging in online activities had lower physical activity levels and lower cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) levels.

The results of this recent study, published by the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, are intuitive, but they reinforce public health recommendations for electronic media exposure.

The results also contain some important background information for parents and concerned adults to consider:

  • During adolescence, the physical activity and CRF levels in girls are already more likely to drop. So girls who are spending more sedentary time online are exponentially increasing their risk of developing early cardio-metabolic disease.
  • While time spent using electronic media is still an important concern for adolescent males, they are more likely to to engage in physical activity despite spending large amounts of time playing games, etc.

Be aware of the time your children are spending online and with other forms of media in your home (and in the homes of their friends). If your child is having a difficult time balancing their online time, you can set or install time limits on your computer. There are even some devices on the market that limit video game and television time.

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