Cell Phone Smart

Did you know that 58% of 12-year-olds now own a cell phone? (Teens and Mobile Phones, 2010) It’s more important than ever to teach this new generation of cell phone users to be safe and smart.

This campaign is a partnership between INOBTR (“I Know Better”), a non-profit organization focused on educating kids through public awareness to keep them safe, and the Internet Keep Safe Coalition (iKeepSafe), a non-profit international alliance focused on teaching youth about using new media devices and platforms in safe and healthy ways. The Internet Keep Safe Coalition also partnered with AT&T, the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), which is home to leading researchers in the area of child internet and cell phone use, the Center for Media and Child Health at Children’s Hospital at Boston, and Woogi World, a virtual school for K-6 students. Funding for this campaign comes from a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice and Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP).

The “Cell Phone Smart” campaign builds a framework for kids around smart and safe cell phone use. For example, below are a few tips to help you start a conversation with your kids about cell phones:

Be Aware, Show You Care: Being present and staying focused on one activity at a time can help keep you safe.

Be Nice, Think Twice: Be safe, be nice and think twice before you hit send!

A Time & Place to Show Your Face: If you have something important to say, please do it in person.

The “Cell Phone Smart” campaign also includes educational public service ads that will appear at area movie theaters, as well as radio PSAs that will air on local stations. In addition, grassroots materials such as posters, brochures and fact sheets will be distributed and made available for teachers and other community leaders to use as awareness tools. All campaign materials are available for download at www.projectyouthsafety.org.