About Us

Who is iKeepSafe?
The Internet Keep Safe Coalition (iKeepSafe), established in 2005, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit international alliance of more than 100 policy leaders, educators, law enforcement members, technology experts, public health experts and advocates.

Through this network of support, iKeepSafe tracks global trends and issues surrounding digitally connected products and their affect on children. This research drives the continuous creation of positive resources for parents, educators and policymakers who teach youths how to use new media devices and platforms in safe and healthy ways.

How does iKeepSafe help organizations and government agencies?
Gathering recommendations from a wide range of experts, iKeepSafe offers the following support:

• The nonprofit consults with organizations, industry leaders and international government leaders to develop and distribute K-12 educational materials within their own markets. This content can be customized and co-branded for distribution by public and private schools, school districts, corporations and governments.
• iKeepSafe assists countries worldwide in implementing digital citizenship and safety strategies by informing their departments of public health, ministries of communication and law enforcement agencies in these initiatives.

How does iKeepSafe reach out to the community—and the world?
iKeepSafe has created a collection of products and tools used to affect a global society of digital citizens:

Digital Citizenship C3MatrixTM—a tool designed to assist K-12 educators in integrating the concepts of cybersafety, security and ethics into existing technology literacy standards and curricula.

Faux Paw the Techno Cat®—a series of educational books and animated DVDs dealing with topics like online safety, cyberbullying, responsible downloading, and balancing screen time with real life.

•Google Digital Literacy Tour–interactive workshops helping students, teachers, and parents learn, through hands-on scenario activities, how to steer clear of cyber tricks and be responsible digital citizens.

• iKeepCurrent TM –a weekly email newsletter using current events and news stories to build digital citizenship public awareness content, curricula and professional development .

iKeepSafe Generation SafeTM –the only product that helps K-12 schools comprehensively navigate through their digital environments through professional development, self assessment and incident response tools.

Project PRO—a partnership between the American School Counselor Association (ASCA), AT&T and iKeepSafe that has created an interactive program promoting the importance of security and online reputation to students nationwide.

Who has partnered with iKeepSafe?

An advocacy program has the best chance of succeeding when it is supported by an alliance of organizations working toward a common goal. For that reason, iKeepSafe has over 100 partners dedicated to leading today’s youth toward achieving full digital citizenship.


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