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Why iKeepCurrent Generation Safe™ News Feed?

The way students interact online profoundly affects how they perceive themselves and engage with others offline. Every day we learn of digital dramas and dilemmas that are rocking schools, regions or the entire nation. Although cyber incidents impact everyone, our students are usually found at the epicenter of these news stories. As these current events spill forth from our computers, mobiles and televisions, we’re hit with the realization that we all have something to learn when it comes to digital citizenship.

What is iKeepCurrent Generation Safe™ News Feed?

iKeepCurrent Generation Safe News Feed is all about positioning our students for success in this new connected reality that we live in.

As a weekly source of thought provoking, current headline-inspired curricula and professional development, the iKeepCurrent Generation Safe™ News Feed ignites discussion between educators and students; forums are forged and digital citizenship practices are debated.

The Huffington Post will promote iKeepCurrent on their newest platform, Huff Post High School, that is completely devoted to teenagers and the issues that matter most to them. Teachers will hear students’ perspectives on current events as they transpire, and students an opportunity to learn from their peers.

How do I benefit?

IKeepCurrent Gives you:

  • Lesson overview
  • Learning objectives
  • Key concepts
  • Vocabulary
  • Lesson plans
  • Optional activities
  • Optional lesson presentations
  • Parent tips
  • Full news articles
  • Mapping to learning standards
  • Teen voices

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